Limited Edition 'Greeters' Tee

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This high-quality unisex tee features original artwork created by a local, Laguna Beach artist. The Laguna Beach Greeter was stood on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) waving at passerby’s as they entered and departed Laguna Beach in the ‘60s and was deemed the Official Greeter of Laguna Beach in 1963.

Made of 100% cotton, this tee is light weight, roomy and perfect for tucking in or wearing out. The tee also has a front pocket.

Color: Yellow

 “You should stand there where I do and see the expression on the faces of children and their parents when I greet them … eyes light up! Children particularly hunger for it. It makes them happy – it makes me happy. It gives me superhuman strength. I get out of myself and try to give. After all, that is the highest kind of love. You reflect beauty by doing this.”

-Eiler Larsen, The Laguna Beach Greeter

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